Friday, May 30, 2008

"The Suspicious Nature of Rob Lowe’s Extortion Scandal"

Who's the real guilty party?
It was suspicious then and
more suspicious now
From day one it was scorched earth...
with a strategy meant to "go away", as Lowe attorney Stanton “Larry” Stein said,

The "go away" strategy was there from the start.

If "GO AWAY" was plan A, chef Pete Clements could be plan D... ?
Clements, with a wife, children and in a dire financial situation, is easy to spot for his vulnerabilities. It's also noted he left one job before having another.

Rob Lowe's Wife is "Unclean" Says Chef Who Had Sex on Their Bed

What is it, Rob?
He was
in your bed with a stranger ?

Who stole the missing medications ? Here today gone tomorrow... mistake ?
Why make your public more curious ?

The Lowe's local history is insidiously entwined with the same friend who is sue crazy...
sue or threaten, intimidate ANY & ALL that mess with narcissistic image...
the woman uses the same lawyers as the Lowes, she will not talk to human beings... her scurrilous doings make major publications, headlines and the second documentary about her is in process.
The public isn't worthy enough to speak with her, hence she sends out lawyers to explain her communication style:
One of her legists let us know:
"Cease-and-desist orders are a form of communication!"

Is Rob Lowe any different from his friends Wendy McCaw and von Wiesenberger?

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• Lowe is a self-described "political junkie" who sold Kool-Aid door to door when he was eight for the Democratic contender George McGovern in the 1972 presidential election.
He has since, however, become a Republican supporter.
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Wendy McCaw and Laura Schlessinger

Can't Have Sex in Rob's Bed and Get Away With It!
"We're Gonna Fry You!"
FBI Retains Hard Drive With Child Porn
R. Kelly tapes underage child but not as lucky as Lowe
Auto Focus
A film about early development of VCR and the decline and murder of actor and family man, Bob Crane, an affable radio show host and amateur drummer who found success on Hogan's Heroes

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