Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scrub Sarah Palin and "dr" Laura Schlessinger...

Sarah Palin has been a phenomenal example of the endless scrub job.
Scrubbing so fast you could watch it happening.

An early victim of Sarah's scrub was the infamous Ted Stevens, there is just no accounting for who some people will pal around with, you betcha.
Read all about scrubbing Ted here...

The RNC's first female Vice Presidential candidate
in the history of the United States of America.
Yes, Vice President!
The first person in the presidential line of succession, becoming the new
President of the United States upon the death, resignation, or removal of the president.
That is important history.
Vital for women and the RNC to preserve and get it right.
Who would be busy scrubbing history? The health of all VP candidates is central to the office. Cheney has his heart problems, it's a matter of knowing, not even if these people are in perfect health.

Respect the people of the United States of America, release the information and
don't destroy or manipulate history.

Sarah Palin is a prime physical specimen and should be proud of her medical records to be examined and preserved for history?
Why would there be any funny business at all surrounding her medical records? The McCain's odd "no comments" now won't help. But would they want what stood in for medical records to be scrubbed? This is on McCain as well. Is he scrubbing history?

The mystery is ongoing... the proxy medical records came in the form of a letter written November 3, 2008 by the Palin family physician Cathy Baldwin Johnson, M.D. of Anchorage, Ak.

According to PalinPics4Truth:
"the letter has already been scrubbed from
more than 90% of the places that originally displayed it."


Laura Schlessinger
is no slouch when it comes to scrubbing. Her true life story has been about "96.8%" scrubbed. Some think her mother's life was scrubbed. Without a doubt Deryk Schlessinger gets the scrub.

It won't end there....


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Meg said...

Be sure to see this: